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Four albums and still no ballads!

The Wolves Are Getting Hungry” is the result of almost 20 years of sweat, tears, fighting, being ripped off and, above all, enjoying and having fucking great time. A perfect blend of European and US old-school thrash metal: fast drumming, mosh guitar riffing, old-school screaming vocals and socially critical lyrics, combined with an oddball sense of humor!

This album is so heavy. The production is absolutely crushing! There isn’t a single moment on here where Hyades does not deliver the riffs. For this reason, “The Wolves Are Getting Hungry” is a must-listen for fans of Italian thrash!
Skull Fracturing (CAN)

Hyades nous balance des riffs et des compositions dignes des meilleures productions Thrash Metal de la deuxième moitié des eighties.
Soil Chronicles (FRA)